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Welcome to the beginning of The End!

After the End
(After the End Series Book #1)

When the lights fade to black and the weaponized virus known as Raccoon Madness finishes burning through the world's population, those who remain are left to reclaim humanity from the ashes.

But a mysterious young man claims he knew The End was coming ... and he's been preparing. He's building a kingdom to resurrect humanity, but the price of admission may be too steep for those who are left ... After The End.

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Crown of flies-ebook.jpg

Survival Comes with a Cost

Crown of Flies
(After the End Series Book #2)

The apocalypse prophet known as Ash saw many things coming: The Six City Massacre, the virus known as Raccoon Madness, the fall of humanity, and the New World he would build.

What he didn't predict were the numerous enemies determined to topple his new kingdom.

But the greatest enemy may come from within ...

War of the Five Tribes-ebook.jpg

Mecca Marches to War!

War of the Five Tribes
(After the End Series Book #3)

Five tribes converge in the cornfields of Pennsylvania to determine which will reign supreme over the apocalypse. But Mecca's battles extend beyond the battlefield. Mecca must confront internal chaos, the return of Raccoon Madness, and a religious zealot known as Messiah to reign supreme over The End!

Who will emerge victorious from the War of the Five Tribes?

Steal City-ebook.jpg

Mecca Has Fallen!

Steal City
(After the End Series Book #4)

After Mecca falls under the cruel control of Tiberius Khan, Ash must travel to the remains of Pittsburgh to find a secret weapon to conquer his fellow apocalypse prophet while Draven and Ash's new queen, Drusilla, struggle to keep Mecca on life support.


But what Ash finds in the newly christened Steal City will not only unlock his past but forever change Mecca's future.

Blood of the Wolf-ebook.jpg

Mecca is on the hunt!

Blood of the Wolf
(After the End Series Book #5)

Ash and his unstoppable war machine are on the hunt for the mysterious Oracle. Ash, Draven, and Drusilla infiltrate the kingdom of Hondo the Magnificent in the remains of Atlantic City. They must survive Hondo's twisted gladiatorial games long enough to retrieve the oracle and return to Mecca with her secrets.


But a ghost from Mecca's past has returned. Messiah and her Cult of the Five-Leaf Clover are preparing to baptize themselves in ... THE BLOOD OF THE WOLF! 

Last Prophet Standing-ebook.jpg

The End is Here!

Last Prophet Standing
(After the End Series Book #6)

Mecca stands on the brink of extinction. Ash's Chosen People flee to the walled city of Jericho seeking salvation. But there is no such thing as a safe haven in the world after The End.


The heroes of Mecca must survive threats from the two-faced prophet Janus, the false prophet Messiah, and their former leader Ash to ensure their survival.

But when three apocalypse prophets collide, only one can be ... THE LAST PROPHET STANDING.

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