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Welcome to The End!

After the End
(After the End Series Book #1)

When the lights fade to black and the weaponized virus known as Raccoon Madness finishes burning through the world's population, those who remain are left to reclaim humanity from the ashes.

But a mysterious young man claims he knew The End was coming ... and he's been preparing. He's building a kingdom to resurrect humanity, but the price of admission may be too steep for those who are left ... After The End.

Survival Comes with a Cost

Crown of Flies
(After the End Series Book #2)

The apocalypse prophet known as Ash saw many things coming: The Six City Massacre, the virus known as Raccoon Madness, the fall of humanity, and the New World he would build.

What he didn't predict were the numerous enemies determined to topple his new kingdom.

But the greatest enemy may come from within ...