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Welcome to The End!

After the End
(After the End Series Book #1)

When the lights fade to black and the weaponized virus known as Raccoon Madness finishes burning through the world's population, those who remain are left to reclaim humanity from the ashes.

But a mysterious young man claims he knew The End was coming ... and he's been preparing. He's building a kingdom to resurrect humanity, but the price of admission may be too steep for those who are left ... After The End.

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Laugh or Die Trying

Doctor Ian Klein can't laugh. He suffers from Humor Suppression Syndrome, a psychological disorder caused by years of suffering through his parents' cruel and unusual addiction to practical jokes. Now, Doc must learn to laugh ... or die trying.

This dark comedy, set a decade after the end of the COVID pandemic, explores how we keep smiling in a world full of tragedy, betrayal, and people who don't respect the 15-items-or-less rule at the grocery store!


In the future, everything will be Walmart ...

When Jonathan Savage accidentally travels to the year 2076, he finds that America has been taken over by the Walmart Corporation and Donald Trump's evil clone.

Read this dystopian comedy, inspired by classic dystopian novels like 1984Fahrenheit 451, and Brave New World,  before it becomes non-fiction!

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