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Troxellite Short Fiction


Check out this collection of published short fiction and exclusive online stories tailored to the refined tastes of the Troxellite readership. Stories range from dystopian to speculative to sci-fi to horror.


Check 'em out! All the cool kids are doing it!

Epidemic The Book of the Macabre

A nurse and mother-of-two returns home during a deadly viral epidemic to find her children missing. Her husband has taken them into hiding for fear she may be infected. She must wait three days for her husband and children to return while the neighborhood submits to the deadly spread of "Raccoon Madness." 

Capacity Mobius: The Journal of Social Change

In the near future, the Internet has reached its full capacity. Nothing new can be added to cyberspace. Hilarious cat videos go unseen. Candy goes uncrushed.  Tweets go untweeted. Lenny Berner, a suddenly out-of-work web designer, travels by train to visit his long-distance girlfriend for the first time and stumbles upon a mysterious farm where young people are flocking to receive assistance for their technology withdraw.

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The Hitman The Opening Line


A Hitman takes a job with specific instructions to get a recording of the mark begging for his life. The problem is that the mark is suicidal and wants to die. In order to get paid, the hitman must sell the mark on the merits of living ... so he can kill him.


"The Hitman" is a dark comedy that started out as a short screenplay and eventually evolved into a short story. I respect its decision.

The End Word Fountain

The End is coming in 16 minutes. As the world takes its final breath, there's just one question left: What is Richard Graham going to do with his final 16 minutes?

Night Skies
Alice in Suburbia The Eunoia Review

Alan Spade, a tired police officer, finds a mentally unstable girl who claims to be Alice from the popular children's tale Alice in Wonderland. After he takes her in, it becomes unclear whether she's just a confused young lady  ... or if the Cheshire Cat was right: "We're all mad here."

The Working Dead Dark Futures

In a world where "the living impaired" have been integrated into everyday life, Keith White struggles to accept that the zombies at Walmart have jobs and he doesn't.

This absurdist zombie-flavored story takes a look at the role intolerance plays in our lives and how hate transcends beyond the world of the living and the dead

Haunted House
Man Looking Out to the Mountains
Modern Day Heroes Literally Stories

A man is slowly walking out into the water to drown himself. It's emergency personnel to the rescue ... right after they fill out all the necessary paperwork. 

This work of Troxellian absurdity is based on a real-life event where a man drowned in a bay while dozens of emergency personnel stood on the beach and watched it happen, mired in the red tape of bureaucracy.

The Inflatable Hammer   Online Story

Wonder what would happen if Big Brother of 1984 fame opened its own high school? Eyes all over the place and plenty of fear.

But what happens when the students discover that Big Brother may not be watching as closely as they've been led to believe? Answer: REVOLUTION!

Boy with Laptop
Vacancy Fiction365 

A man wakes up in a motel to discover that everyone else at the motel was murdered during the night. This strange event forces him to reflect on his life and ask a very important question: Why was I spared when so many others perished?


This is a morality tale mixed with a horror premise. If nothing else, it will remind you to lock your door at night the next time you stay at a motel!

Election Day Mobius: The Journal for Social Change 

A man walks with his eighteen-year-old son to vote on the young man's first election day. While they walk, the father talks about the importance of voting and the responsibility of each citizen in this country. Then he grabs a battle axe...


"Election Day" is a speculative fiction piece that highlights the major problem with our political system, a problem that is even more true today than when the story was first written in 2010.

Snowflakes  Online Story 

Alex and Shelly are on the run. The snowflakes fall all around them. Dogs bark in the distance. Flashlights cut through the forest.

They are being hunted ... not for what they've done but who they are. They run and run and run, but they can't outrun the patches on their sleeves. Will they survive the night?

Eviction  Online Story 

Teagan Ross specializes in serving evictions to a very specific clientele: dead people. His wealthy clients need the former occupants out of the homes they've inherited to sell them for big bucks.

But there's something different about Teagan's latest job. Something dark. Something sinister. And it has no intention of leaving.

Scary Mansion
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