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America: The Land of the Dumb

America is dumb.

We are the richest country with an abundance of resources and the most advanced technology ... and we're still a dumb, dumb country full of dumb, dumb people.

But why? Why are we so dumb? Is it by design or is it just a happy accident?

For a while, America's stupidity was somewhat amusing, like a proverbial Homer Simpson running around with billions of dollars and nuclear weapons.

The last five years have been less funny, though, and America's stupidity has resulted in half the country hating and demonizing the other half, thousands of people believing ridiculous conspiracy theories while ignoring science, and more than half a million deaths.

Not great.

America's spiral into stupidity is too complex for a solitary blog post. That's why I'll be exploring America's descent into duncehood in a series of blog posts throughout the summer.

So buckle up! It's gonna get straight up STUPID up in here!

If you want to see where all this stupidity leads, check out my dystopian comedy, Trumptopia: The United States of Walmart available right now on Amazon.

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