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Ten-Year Writerversary

This is the Writerversary I've been waiting for, the one where I can finally say ... I did it. I made it. I climbed the mountain. I crossed the finish line. I slayed the dragon.

This is the year I finally published a novel. My dystopian comedy, Trumptopia! The United States of Walmart, finally saw the light of day on February 29, 2020.

Ten years ago on June 1, 2010, I decided to take myself seriously as a writer. I wasn't going to half-ass it anymore. I was going to write every single day until I finally reached my goal of publishing a novel. Over the years, I earned my MA in Creative Writing, published several short stories, wrote novel after novel, sent query after query, and each year I added to my successes, but a published novel always eluded me.

No more.

It took me ten years to reach this point, but I made it. Each failure was a stepping stone to success, but I wouldn't change a single moment. I learned, I listened, and, when I was ready, I pulled the trigger.

Nothing was better than holding that book in my hand with my name on the cover ... nothing. Now my book is on Amazon, people are reading and reviewing it, and I'm making money from the words and story I created. It's all I ever wanted.

All it took was 3,652 straight days writing and over 10,150 writing hours.

Has it been perfect? No, but nothing ever is. Releasing my book two weeks before PLANET EARTH shut down due to Coronavirus has certainly presented some challenges, but it's all part of the journey. Now, there are new challenges to conquer, new mountains to climb, new dragons to slay.

Let the journey continue.

Check out the novel that is ten years in the making: Trumptopia! The United States of Walmart


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