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Trumptopia! World Tour

Forget the Coronavirus! This is the Summer of Trumptopia!

This summer, I'm going to be offering exclusive readings from Trumptopia! The United States of Walmart, answering reader questions, and providing Troxellian reviews of various literature and film as part of my TRUMPTOPIA! WORLD TOUR!

I would much rather be out there promoting my book at writing conferences and public readings, but 2020 hasn't been a big fan of ... well, pretty much anything. Here I was thinking the presidential election would be the most newsworthy subject of the year ...


It hasn't helped that Amazon and Facebook won't advertise my book because of their ban on "political" ads. I tried to explain to the Amazon advertising cyborgs that the image on my cover isn't Donald J. Trump but his evil clone from the future, Tiberius Winston Ivanhoe Trump.

You can imagine how well that went over.

But, as they say, "Necessity is the Mother of Invention." If I can't go out and meet the public, I will make it possible for the entire world to come and meet me.

Thank Gore for the internet!

Below, you'll find the first three videos of my Trumptopia! World Tour. Follow along all summer for weekly updates.

Trumptopia! World Tour Announcement:

Trumptopia! Reading #1:

"Troxell Talk" Episode #1:

And, don't forget, if you haven't experienced the ecstasy of Trumptopia! The United States of Walmart yet, the e-book version is now only 2.99 on Amazon. Buy it here.

Happy Summer!


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