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Paying It Forward (Even though I hate that term)

Writing can be a lonely endeavor. Most artistic endeavors are. I can write in a noisy, crowded room (i.e. my living room), but I need complete silence to edit so I STILL need isolation. Unfortunately for me and the other introverts of the world, in order to attract readers to our work, we need to leave the cave every once in a while (or at least go on the internet).

That's why I'm a publicity whore. I will promote any other writer's work in the hopes that they will do the same for me when I have something to actually promote (Hint, hint, publishers. Publish my FREAKIN' BOOK!). Writing is a community after all (a crowded one) and it's tough to get attention for our work so the more people out there yelling into the void, the better. It's a terrible, terrible cliche at this point, but there is a lot to be said for paying it forward.

But for once I'm the one being promoted! A fellow writer and former colleague, Trina Kraus, interviewed me for her website. It was fun! I love talking about myself. It's my favorite subject. I talked too much, though, so the interview has been broken up into two parts so get ready for the sequel next month! Check out the interview here.

And while I'm at it, check out Trina's book, Explosions of Joy, a memoir about the grief counselor for the victims of the missing Malaysian airliner.

There. Paid forward. Check and check.

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